iMate Ringtones – kJam Example

If you want to put personal ringtones on your iMate kJam, then I thought I would show you with this. It would appear that a lot of people are coming…

If you want to put personal ringtones on your iMate kJam, then I thought I would show you with this. It would appear that a lot of people are coming to this site after reading about getting an iMate kJam, and I just wanted to help you out.

This is for those people who want to put one of the following types of ringtones onto their phone:
Midi Ringtones
Polyphonic Ringtones
MP3 Ringtones
WMA Ringtones

And, this doesn’t matter if you’ve got free ringtones, cheap ringtones or EVEN really expensive, over the top, over priced ringtones. Heck, I’ll even show you how to make YOUR OWN ringtones soon with Windows XP.

Anyway, here’s how to put your ringtone onto your iMate kJam:

1 – Connect your iMate kJam to your PC/Laptop with the USB cable
2 – Open up Windows Explorer
3 – Find your ringtone
4 – Copy your ringtone (Ctrl-c, for example)
5 – In Windows Explorer, go to “Mobile Device”
6 – Select “My Windows Mobile-Based Device”
7 – Go to “Application Data – Sounds”
8 – Paste Your Ringtone here (Ctrl-v, for example)

You can unplug your kJam now

9 – On your kJam, go to “Start => Settings => Phone”
10 – Select your Ringtone from the “Ring tone:” drop down list

Just remember, you could just have the coolest ringtones around. 😉

If you have any questions, you can ask them below, and hopefully I can help. If you would like ideas on getting MP3 Ringtones, take a look at this post: “Free Ringtones – You already have them

And take a look here for an idea on how to get “Free MP3s – Cheap Music

12 thoughts on “iMate Ringtones – kJam Example”

  1. Hi…I followed the instructions above but when I select the ringtone from the drop down menu and click ‘play’ to test it, nothing happen…

  2. Hi… Thanks for the tips… but What about people working with Apple??? Do you know how to do it??? I can’t seem to do it right at all. Tried even with bluetooth. Someone sent me a ringtone but IT JUST DOESN’T WORK! Thanks for ur help!

  3. I’ve never used a Mac or anything before so I’m not sure how you would get it onto your phone. Do you have Infra Red on your Apple? As long as you get it onto your phone, then you can just “right-click” the file (pressing with the stylus and holding till you get the right-click menu) and selecting “Set as ringtone” or something similar…

  4. Hi,
    do you know how i can set different ringtones for different callers – assuming they are in my contact list?
    thanks a lot

  5. You can go into your contact list, click on your contact, and then at the bottom right, click on “Menu” -> “Edit”.

    Then scroll down until you see “Ring tone:”. Clicking there will drop down your list of available ringtones…

  6. Hey I have 3 Quetions

    Where do you open the windows explorer on the Imate or your pc??
    How do you find and copy ringtone??
    How do you go to My Windows Mobile-Based Device??

    I just got this phone from my dad and i hate the ringtones please help me out

    1. Hi Sarat.

      – Have you installed Microsoft’s ActiveSync on your computer? You will need to “browse” you phone via the computer.
      – To get your free ringtones, click on the link in the article titled “Free Ringtones – You already have them”. Then you can follow the instructions above for copying it to your phone.

      Let me know if that helps.

  7. sir,
    my question is how can i assign ringtones, mp3 songs from memory card (already exsisting).
    is there a file manager or explorer for imate kjam, which has all such options.

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