Affiliate Marketing South Africa

Affiliate Marketing South Africa

If you have a website in South Africa, no doubt you’ve tried earning money with it via adverts, but have you tried affiliate marketing? You could get more bang for your buck! πŸ™‚

I’ve listed the affiliate programs I use in order of profitability at the bottom, so make sure you at least read that πŸ™‚

Most people who’ve been doing it a while tend to agree that your best bet is to do Affiliate Marketing, so signing up for an affiliate program is DEFINITELY something you want to do.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Generally speaking, if you become an affiliate marketer for a specific company, then you can earn commission for every sale that YOU refer.

For example, let’s say you have a website about dogs, and you get quite a few visitors who read your information about dogs. You could become an affiliate of, and any visitor who clicks an appropriate link on your site and gets sent to, and then BUYS something, like a book about dog training, from, you will earn commission.

Affiliate Programs in South Africa

In the interest of making a profit while everybody gets a piece of the action, I thought I would list the Affiliate Programs I use as a South African.


The first, and most obvious, in my mind probably because it was the first one I joined.

OfferForge is an affiliate network that has quite a few products that they allow you to promote. As with all affiliate programs, there are a LOT of casino and gambling affiliate deals, but for me, the best paying campaign is the OUTsurance affiliate campaign.

So, go sign up with them by clicking this link: OfferForge Sign Up


TheΒ Mantality affiliate program isn’t a network like the above options, but rather an online merchant with a direct affiliate program (not through an affiliate network).

You’d need a specific type of visitor to your site to promote Mantality because their products can be a little risque (penis enlargers, anyone?).

But the commission tends to be really good and the conversion rate is REALLY good. I still have no idea why πŸ˜€

Go check them out first and see what you think:Β Mantality website


If you’ve worked with any of these companies and have something to say, please contact me. I am curious to know how it went.

And, if you know of any more affiliate programs or if you have any other affiliate marketing ideas in South Africa or around the world, contact me as well because I can’t get enough of them πŸ˜€

Most Profitable Affiliate Programs in South Africa

Here is my list of the most profitable South African affiliate programs I use:

  1. Mantality – This one REALLY surprises me sometimes. Mainly because I don’t promote them, but my referrals do.
  2. OfferForge


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  1. Affiliate Marketing in South Africa is a joke. Affiliates get paid peanuts in comparison with their overseas counterparts for exactly the same effort. Until such time that you can convince the South African business world and greedy South Africans to be more lucrative with their offers Affiliate Marketing is a dead end in SA. No One will ever get wealthy. Earning what our top affiliates earn with only South African products and programs is a waste of time if you do not venture out to the USA and the UK and Europe. Read more about becoming an affiliate and how to venture into the real wealth in Affiliate marketing.

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