Testing OUTsurance and the rest

Testing the skills and answering abilities of companies in South Africa is something you should do. Read what happened when OUTsurance and 23 other companies were put to the test…

Well, it looks like Fin24 spent quite a while testing the response of OUTsurance and a whole lot of other service providers.

We always want to know if we’re getting a good deal on our insurance, so I gave OUTsurance a call to see if the company could save me a few rand at the end of each month.

They tested the following scenarios:

  • Time taken to answer call
  • First Impression
  • Ability to answer query
  • Courtesy of agent
  • Overall score
  • (not an average)

And they tested the following companies on these “skills”

  • OUTsurance
  • Pick ‘n Pay
  • Vodacom
  • Joburg Connect
  • Home magazine
  • Woolworths
  • Telkom
  • Edgars Fashion Hotline
  • TelkomInternet
  • Go Banking
  • Fedex
  • FNB
  • Autopage
  • Woolworths
  • DHL
  • Vodacom
  • SA Revenue Service
  • McCarthy Call-a-car
  • Dial-Direct
  • Multichoice
  • Jo’burg Connect
  • 1LifeDirect
  • Mango
  • Virgin Mobile

It looks like DHL and McCarthy Call-a-Car came out tops, with the fastest times and 5/5 in all areas. OUTsurance came out about 4th or 5th, which isn’t TOO bad…

Guess that gives you a good enough reason to go and get yourself an OUTsurance quote

OUTsurance – South African Helpers?

In my original post about OUTsurance I spoke about how OUTsurance managed to save me R400 a month with my Insurance Premiums.

In my original post about OUTsurance I spoke about how OUTsurance managed to save me R400 a month with my Insurance Premiums. As I say in that post, I recommend that you get a free quote from them just to see if you can also save. Click here to get your OUTsurance quote.

Anyway, the reason for this post is just to say that I REALLY appreciate the whole “Mobile Pointsman” initiative. Here’s an excerpt from the news article on the OUTsurance website:

Click here nowThe project is an extension of Project Traffic Freeflow launched in September last year which, to date, has seen the introduction of 22 fixed pointsmen placed at high traffic volume intersections in and around Johannesburg.

In the second phase of the plan, 10 Mobile Pointsmen will be made available on motorcycles in an effort to further alleviate the city’s congested roads. These Mobile Pointsmen will predominantly focus on the Midrand, Sandton, Fourways and Randburg regions. They will be deployed to intersections where traffic signals are malfunctioning due to power outages and accidents.

I’ve seen these guys in action, and even though a lot of people complain about the apparent incompetence of pointsmen, I still think they can be a thousand times better than waiting at traffic lights that don’t function correctly…

So, another one up for OUTsurance in my opinion.