What is Easy Money

In my mind, easy money is not about getting money for doing nothing. Easy Money is all about getting paid for doing something you enjoy.

It looks like the current rage of easy money on the internet is filling out surveys online and getting paid to do so. A nice easy money job, which reminds me of Joey (from Friends) being paid for medical experiments.

Who hasn’t thought about all the wonderful things they’ll get and do when they win the lottery? The ski trips to Austria, the holiday home in Monaco, the Ferraris, the clothes, the presents… The list goes on. The truth is that most people spend their lives in a 9-5 job, working hard to maintain their lifestyle. Not everyone can be a rapper, sports hero or film star, living the life and getting paid big bucks to do it. But there are plenty other ways to make money just by doing the things you love.

So, this site is all about how to make easy money, getting paid to do things you’ll enjoy.

Making Money Online
Making Money Online

Hopefully there should be enough here for everybody. The primary focus of this site will be how to make money online. If you’re reading this page, well, then you’re online, and ready to make money. There will be various topics relating to making easy money, and around the tools, techniques and technologies that play a role in making money.

I hope you enjoy this, and PLEASE post comments if you feel the urge at all…

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