Mantality – Easy Money For You While Others Sell

Hi, long time no see. I’ll bet you don’t remember me. BUT, if you are already rich, or you are a little sensitive:


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Ok, so you’re reading this part, that means you’ve completely ignored the above warnings. I’m proud of you šŸ™‚

I have just 1 question for you! Have you heard of Mantality? Do you know what they do? Do you know how they can make you money?

3 Questions??? Come now, focus!

Who are Mantality?

They are an online shop that caters for men. Yes, there’s awesomely cool stuff like toy helicopters, whiskey glasses, virtual reality headsets and ice ballĀ makers, but they sell MUCH more than that! Oh sooo much more…

If you’re brave, go check out the sex toys section! Like this interesting sounding board game “Nookii Confidential” šŸ˜€

Why should you care?!?

You should care because Mantality has an affiliate program. I’m sure you know everything there is about affiliate marketing at this point (if not, try reading this article:Ā Affiliate Marketing in South Africa). From their affiliate page FAQ, here is some interesting information:

How long are my referrals tracked for?
Through both user cookie and IP address tracking your referrals will be tracked for a period of 90 days (3 months). That means any sales made by your referrals are credited to you for a full 90 days.

When are commission payouts made?
We batch pay commissions on the 15th day of every month, 15 days after the completed sale is made. For example; a referral sale is made from your website on the 5th, 9th and 21st of August, those commissions are then paid out on the 15th September (provided the R500 minimum payout condition is met). If the commissions for that period are less than R500 the amount will be carried over until the total amount due to you exceeds R500.

How are payouts made?
The preferred method for affiliate payouts is via an EFT (bank transfer) to your South African bank account – specified upon signup. Cheques may also be issued at your request.

When will I be paid?
Once you have reached the minimum payout threshold, please send an email to, containing your affiliate username and bank details (if not listed in your a/c) requesting your payout be made.

Can affiliates buy the products listed on the website?
Affiliates are more than welcome to take advantage of the 12-15% discount issued for orders they place with their own referral code.

At the very least, that last item should be enticing!

Let me know what you thinkĀ in the comments below. And, let me know how life’s treating you these days. I haven’t heard from you in so long!

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