More energy saving tips

Another little update on the Saving Money at Home posts. This one highlighting the use of enrgy saving CFL light bulbs, which last longer and are cheaper to run than normal incandescent light bulbs.

Back in December I wrote about some energy saving ideas in my post “Easy Money Saving Tips for the Home“.

That article spoke about how you could cut down on electricity usage by changing a couple of the things you do/use at home.

One of those tips was to use “energy saving bulbs“. These bulbs tend to be a tad more expensive to buy than normal light bulbs, but they’re better in the long run because they last longer, and use about 20% of the electricity to produce the same amount of light.

The CFL bulbs even look quite stylish, but either way, I fully recommend you go out and buy a few. I recommend getting the day/night cfl lightbulbs which can really come in handy for lights coming on automatically in your garden…

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