Debt Consolidation News – A review

Disclaimer: This is a paid review of “Debt Consolidation News” thanks to ReviewMe!

Disclaimer: This is a paid review of “Debt Consolidation News” thanks to ReviewMe!

A review of Debt Consolidation News

At first sight, this website looks a little plain. But, at a closer look, you’ll see that they’ve actually focused more on the content than on the design. For example, the article “How to Negotiate with Creditors to Avoid Bankruptcy” has a word count of almost 1,700 words. And with gems like the following, you’ll see there is a lot of helpful information you can use to improve your lifestyle:

Money magazine reported sometime ago that 90 percent of all bankruptcies could be avoided with an added monthly income of just $250.


If you owe a large amount and feel you’re sinking into the black hole of debt, a budget is not the only change you need to implement. One alternative is DEBT CONSOLIDATION. This option works if you have multiple debts with multiple lenders, all at varying interest rates.

Due to the amount of info, the category pages tend to load quite slowly for those not on broadband connections, so breaking up the info might help in this regard, perhaps having snippets on each Category page, leading off to the rest of the article. Not only would this help the page load time, but might actually give a better user experience, with users being able to see at a glance whether there is an interesting article they would like to read.

Perhaps having a navigable sitemap page would help.

Enough about possible improvements. As I’ve said, there are a lot of articles that you will find interesting. With info on paying off your loans if you’re a student, to tips on cutting back your costs if you’re a business owner, there will definitely be something you can learn from the site.

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